"Like a marker on the Bay, we help each other find the way."

What are Supported Employment Services? 
Supported Employment provides job development, job coaching, and ongoing employment services to individuals with a mental illness.  These individualized services are provided to enable an individual to chose, maintain, or advance within independent competitive employment, within a community-integrated work environment, consistent with their interests, preferences, and skills.
- Writing resume
- Job Search
- Applying for Jobs
- Resolving Employment Crisis
​- Vocational Counseling/Advocacy
- Communication between Employer/Employee
- Community Integration
- Job Site Training/Support
​- Social Integration on the job
Interpersonal Skills

​Where do we provide services?

- Qualified staff meet with clients in home or community settings
- On the Job-Site.
- Clients can meet with staff individually or in group settings at one of our three facilities- Easton, Denton, or Cambridge. 

​ For more information contact Erik Higgins, Employment Specialist 410.822.4611.

Supported Employment

Rehabilitation Services for Adults

Residential Services for Adults

Channel Marker, Inc. offers a continuum of residential services for clients. The intensive residential program with overnight supervision is offered for individuals who have severe functional limitations due to their illness. The general residential program provides flexible support depending on the needs of the client. Support and guidance are provided in all residential settings to help clients develop skills and to provide a support network that promotes community living on a level as independent as possible.

For more information contact:  Katie Rue, Residential Director - 410.479.2318

Adult Services

Site Based Groups and Services

At Channel Marker rehabilitation centers, staff assist clients to access resources and develop and enhance community living skills. Each individual develops and participates in their rehabilitation planning. Supportive skill building groups are offered but not limited to the following areas:

Independent living skills

- Job readiness/vocational skills

- Interpersonal social skills

- Illness management skills

- Leisure/recreational opportunities

- Independent living skills

Community Based Support Services 

Community support services are designed to meet the needs of the individual. Services may be provided in the home, community setting or worksite. Emphasis is placed on skill development, enhancing self-confidence and establishing a network of natural support.

For more information contact: Laura Higgins, Adult Services Director - 410.822.4611