"Like a marker on the Bay, we help each other find the way."

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements?

Individuals must have a primary diagnosis of a major mental illness or serious emotional disturbance. The “priority population” for services is established by the Public Mental Health System. The Public Mental Health System determines diagnostic eligibility for all age groups.

What is psychiatric rehabilitation?

Psychiatric rehabilitation refers to a spectrum of services for youth and adults. These coordinated services are designed to strengthen the individual’s skills and to develop the environmental supports necessary to sustain the individual in the home, school, community, or work setting. Location of service is flexible to meet the client’s needs.

Who can refer to Channel Marker?

Referral sources include in-patient facilities, mental health clinics and private clinicians/practitioners.

Does an individual need to be in mental health treatment to receive services?

Yes, Channel Marker, Inc. services are an adjunct to clinical treatment services.

How is payment for services determined?

Channel Marker, Inc. is a provider of service under the Public Mental Health System. All clients who are not a part of the Public Mental Health System are assigned a co-payment by the State of Maryland. Some services are grant funded.